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The National Forest Charitable Trust

The National Forest Charitable Trust (formerly Heart of the National Forest Foundation), is transforming dereliction at the heart of The National Forest and creating environmental, educational and recreational facilities for people to enjoy in perpetuity. The Trust is working closely with the National Forest Company to create the National Forest and ensure its stewardship for future generations.

The Trust was formed by a partnership of private sector individuals with East Midlands Development Agency, Leicestershire County Council, The National Forest Company, North West Leicestershire District Council and the Ashby Woulds Regeneration Forum.

Outdoors at CONKERS Discovery
Children investigating insects at a interactive display, Conkers
Walking along boardwalk at CONKERS Waterside
Child finding out about global warming at CONKERS Discovery

Become a Friend of The National Forest

Young and mature trees

Tree by tree, woodland by woodland, a vast new forest is being created across the heart of the country, transforming the landscape into a place of beauty. By joining the Friends today, native broadleaf trees like oak, ash and silver birch will flourish in this area once more.

Aerial Walkway Proposal at CONKERS

The CONKERS Aerial Walkway will offer visitors a completely different experience of walking through and above the tree tops and a novel view of woodland wildlife. It will include two Classrooms in the Sky and be designed to be accessible to all with ramps at appropriate gradients and regular resting places. Planning permission was secured in March 2015 and funding is now being sought.